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Tanzparties by Mobile Dance & Uferstudios

Our motto is „we come to stay“.

Every quarter, the families participating in the Mobile Dance workshops series JUNCTION meet at the Tanzparty (dance party) with hundreds of Berliners at Uferstudios. Professional dance artists and musicians present their work alongside the children and young people. After the performances, the Danceoke fills the dance floor with people strutting their stuff, trying to keep pace with the dance videos from around the world. The Tanzparty is a celebration of a diverse city, welcoming newcomers, as well as a platform for the work of newly arrived artists who want to network into the Berlin performance scene.

Since 2014, JUNCTION offers dance workshops in accommodation centres for refugees in Berlin. We now have 5 long-term partnerships with centres across Berlin and work with a team of 30 artists (a quarter of whom have themselves experienced forced migration). Artists who work regularly for Mobile Dance include: Akiles Al- Agaili, Nada Al-Aswad, Florian Bilbao, Sophie Brunner, Francisco Cuervo, Elena Dragonetti, Forough Fami, Kaveh Ghaemi, Bella Hager, Chada Halwani, Abdullah Hatem, Frhad Jafaar, Lara Martelli, Lea Martini, Jo Parkes, Lilly Pöhlmann, Kiana Rezvani, Andrea Sohn, Yergalem Taffere, Natalia Torales, Marianne Tuckmann, Elisa Zucchetti.

For more information and other films see JUNCTION by Mobile Dance e.V.

A short documentation by Sven O. Hill. 


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