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Alsaieda – السيدة

The cooperation between Berlin Mondiale and Alsaieda – السيدة organization began in August 2017. It has included many activities such as workshops to train women in professional short story writing, as well as journalistic writing and news editing, in addition to organizing a series of performative storytelling evenings.

Berlin Mondiale also supported the translation of a collection of short stories into German: the texts resulted from the workshop series and were written by the participants. The objective of this translation is to publish the texts in a book and enable a German readership to access these stories.

With regard to projects with children, Berlin Mondiale cooperates with Alsaieda to screen animation films on a weekly basis; by fall of 2018, these Cinema Club screenings had been presented more than fifty times. In addition, several workshops were organized in collaboration with Vivace to train children in producing theater performances.

Alsaieda Berlin is associated with the international Saiedet Souria non-profit organization, which, among other programs, runs an Arabic website for and by women, girls and young people inside and outside Syria, with the purpose of portraying women’s potential and improve their life conditions. Its parallel focus addresses socio-cultural/artistic and legal/educational issues. In addition, the objective of this site is to work on the integration of Syrian women and families into the new communities where they have fled.

A cooperation with Ulme 35 Interkulturanstalten Westend e.V. and Vivace.

Alsaieda Berlin Facebook and Saiedet Souria international Website

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